The Pink (Movie) Effect is on the rise in the city nowadays. The movie quite vividly exhibits the true mentality of the youth of today who love to Eat, Drink and Merry. There is nothing wrong to carry this kind of an attitude at all! Sometimes this carefree mind set paves the way for some serious stumbling blocks. A buoyant teenage girl is free spirited and full of fun and frolic. She is not gender conscious today and many realize that a boy can be a better friend than a girl with less tantrums and jealous streak. But as dramatically depicted in the movie, a friend might not always perceive you the way you want him to. Your jaunty nature can puzzle any guy who can think that a casual physical relation is a reasonable outcome of your happy-go-lucky attitude. A ‘NO’ means ‘NO’ is the celebrated slogan for the women of today. Sexual harassment constitutes the second highest crime in Delhi, as suggested by a study by the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (CHRI). Yet, it remains the least reported. This actually compels my mind to think the intent of acquiring educational qualifications that we achieve by going through such a donkey work. Education lacks this holistic approach which begins at home, in schools, in colleges and later marks our personal and social behavior. Women should be treated equally not in words only but by behaviors and actions. Perceptions need a makeover now. The feelings of a woman must be understood in a same manner as society understands the masculinity of a man and accepts his behavior since time immemorial. Sexual harassment is the first stage for the crime of rape if not stopped or controlled in time. A man committing any of the following acts amounts to Sexual harassment:- Physical contact and advances involving unwelcome and explicit sexual overtures A demand or request for sexual favors Showing pornography against your will Making sexually colored remarks Assaults or uses force to disrobe you or compel you to be naked Watches, or captures your image when you are engaged in a private act (like changing clothes or in the bathroom or even doing a sexual act that is not of a kind ordinarily done in public ) for which you are not aware and is expected to be done in private. Even if you consent to the capture of the images or any act, but not to their dissemination to third persons and where such image or act is disseminated, such dissemination shall be considered an offence of sexual harassment. Stalks you by following you and tries to contact you to foster personal interaction repeatedly despite a clear indication of disinterest by you and also monitors your use of the internet, email or any other form of electronic communication like Facebook requests or Whatsapp messages. CAUTION remains the bottom line…..


“Once married, a woman should only leave her in-laws’ house when she is taken for her final rites.” All daughters of our country have grown listening to such a clichéd line. But sometimes we are forced to wonder whether still such a commitment and devotion are actually worth the game? This is the question that we leave to our readers today to ponder and then understand what the society expects from our daughters. Is it only the expectation which is just to follow our old traditional marriage grooming environment? Or is it bought easily as a way to handle strong headed girls? The questions require careful understanding and analysing the mind of society or at least a peep into the overall view of our marriage culture. Divorce nowadays is not a TABOO anymore and clearly the Indian laws have much to support and protect the legal rights of a wife. Don’t forget to ask for maintenance, both Interim and Alimony. This is the most crucial feature which can help a woman to begin a step towards independence. ALL THE BEST!